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Training international women’s rights advocates

Salma Waheedi partners with gender justice coalitions to advance legal equality in Muslim communities.

A movement that mattered

In a new book, Noah Feldman argues that despite the tragedies that followed it, the Arab Spring provided lessons and hope for a better future.

Forcing the UN to do right by Haitian cholera victims

Beatrice Lindstrom is waging a 10-year fight after 10,000 die from a sewage leak at a UN peacekeeper base.


How to do comparative constitutional law?

Mark Tushnet connects comparative constitutional law to constitutional politics.

Passing the baton

As William Alford '77 completes his tenure, Mark Wu assumes vice deanship of the Graduate Program and International Legal Studies at HLS

Advocating for human rights in Myanmar during COVID-19

Yee Htun speaks about respecting refugee rights in the midst of a global pandemic.


Who needs foreign law?

In a globalized society and economy, knowledge of foreign law is important for legal practitioners, says Professor Mary Ann Glendon.

The journey of an idealist

Ambassador Samantha Power ‘99, now teaching at HLS and the Kennedy School, shares her story in a new memoir.

Daniel Tarullo joins the HLS faculty

The former governor of the Federal Reserve Board is a specialist in international economic regulation, banking law, and international law.


New roles for Sabrinah Ardalan ’02

Ardalan, who teaches in the fields of immigration and refugee law and advocacy, is named clinical professor of law and faculty director of the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program.

Learning from the past to appreciate the present

In his chair lecture as the inaugural Jerome A. and Joan L. Cohen Professor of East Asian Legal Studies, Professor William Alford ’77 draws from Confucius and contemporary China.

An exchange of ideas

Under a cooperative agreement, HLS Professors I.Glenn Cohen '03, Holger Spamann S.J.D. '09 and Lucie White '81 teach at the Institute d'Etudes Politique de Paris (Sciences Po).