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Prepared for the challenge

As students, they participated in the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program; as lawyers, they continue to work in this increasingly challenging — and fulfilling — field.

Afghanistan reunion

Classmates Andru Wall and Saeeq Shajjan LL.M. ’10 seek to bring peace and progress to a war-torn country.

Her Honor Mandala

Chikondi Mandala LL.M. ’19, a young judicial officer in Malawi, looks to tradition and to the future.


Pursuing justice, freedom and peace

Nasredeen Abdulbari LL.M. ’08 serves as Minister of Justice in Sudan’s transitional government.

For India, a new era in LGBTQ rights

Constitutional law expert Menaka Guruswamy LL.M. ’01 takes the long view on change.

A pioneer’s logic

Yuko Miyazaki LL.M. ’84 sets a historic precedent as a female justice on Japan’s Supreme Court.


A 1L summer abroad set careers in motion

For Chayes Fellows Jonathan Kaufman ’06 and Lillian Langford JD/MPP ’13, seeds planted during their 1L summers grew, strongly and directly, into the work they are doing today.

Jury finds former Bolivian president responsible for extrajudicial killings of indigenous people

The landmark litigation was a collaborative effort among the Harvard Law School International Human Rights Clinic and Bolivian lawyers, advocates, and community members, including Thomas Becker '06.

Brexit and its implications for the UK financial services industry

London School of Economics expert Niamh Maloney LL.M. '93 spoke at HLS on legal and regulatory issues arising from the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.