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As part of HLS’ initiative to integrate gender-inclusive restrooms into our community, HLS Housing has converted some of our communal dormitory bathrooms. These changes were effective as of the Fall 2015 semester.

In Spring 2015, HLS Housing took a poll from current residential students to gauge their interest in living on a floor with a gender-inclusive bathroom. Over 2/3 of the responses indicated interest in this option.

We selected about 1/3 of our communal bathrooms, spread out over Hastings Hall and the Gropius Complex, to convert to gender-inclusive facilities.

In addition, some bathrooms that remain single-sex were changed from male to female or vice-versa, in order to provide the following set-up:

Hastings Hall: Each of the five entry ways has a male bathroom, a female bathroom, and 2 gender-inclusive bathrooms (floors 1 and 4)

Gropius Complex: Each floor with a gender-inclusive bathroom has at least 1 male bathroom and 1 female bathroom directly adjacent to it. This could be the floor above, the floor below, or the same floor of the connecting building.

Please see the floor details on the Hastings Hall and Gropius Complex pages to view the floor set-ups.

We have also added several gender-inclusive restrooms to the non-residential areas of campus. Please find our full campus map of gender-inclusive restrooms here.