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HLS Housing offers several options for students seeking housing based on gender identity. Gender-neutral bathrooms are available in the following residences:

Gropius Complex:

Story Hall: 2nd floor, 4th floor

Shaw Hall: 1st floor

Ames Hall: 2nd floor

Dane Hall: 3rd floor

Hastings Hall:

Hastings Entry 1: 1st floor, 4th floor

Hastings Entry 2: 1st floor, 4th floor

Hastings Entry 3: 1st floor, 4th floor

Hastings Entry 4: 1st floor, 4th floor

Hastings Entry 5: 1st floor, 4th floor

*Please keep in mind that all of our floors in Hastings and most of our floors in Gropius are co-ed. It is common for a resident’s preferred bathroom to be located on an adjacent floor.


To pursue on-campus housing, please submit the HLS Housing Application and participate in Room Selection. If you are able to select an available space and sign your Room License Agreement, you will be guaranteed on-campus housing. Since we are unable to guarantee all students on-campus housing, it is important that you reserve a room even if there is not one available that meets your needs. Should you reserve a space that does not meet your needs, please contact the Dean of Students Office. The Dean of Students Office will do its best to reassign you to a space that better meets your needs.

If you have a housing accommodation request other than access to an all-gender bathroom, please complete the form below well in advance of the housing application deadline.


The form can be submitted to:

Lakshmi Clark, Director of Student Affairs
Harvard Law School
Dean of Students Office, WCC-3039
1585 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 3039
Cambridge, MA 02138
Fax: 617-496-0544


All requests will be reviewed by the Housing Committee comprised of the Dean of Students, Assistant Director of Student Services, Director of Student Affairs, and the HLS Housing Coordinator. All requests and supporting documentation are kept confidentially within the Housing Committee.  Please note that all requests are considered on a case-by-case basis based on current housing availability.


For Harvard University Housing (HUH) or off-campus options, please visit the Other Housing Options section of this website.