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The Pro Bono Program allows students to gain practical legal experience under the supervision of licensed attorneys starting their 1L year. With the opportunity to do volunteer pro bono work in HLS’s 11 Student Practice Organizations (SPOs), on an individual basis with a law firm, nonprofit or government entity, or an HLS faculty member who is licensed to practice, or on an HLS spring break pro bono trip, students have the ability to make a positive impact in their communities and contribute to the public good.

Students doing pro bono work may receive credit towards HLS’s 50 hours pro bono graduation requirement.


Student Practice Organizations

There are 11 Student Practice Organizations where students can do volunteer pro bono work. They are run by students and supervised by licensed attorneys at HLS who are experts in their field.

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Find a Pro Bono Placement

Students can set up their own pro bono placement with law firms, nonprofit or government entities, or HLS faculty members who are licensed to practice. Discrete projects are posted in OCP’s Student Legal Volunteer Opportunities page and you can research public interest organizations in Helios.  You can also set up an advising appointment with Lee Branson Mestre to discuss your various options.

Spring Break Pro Bono Trips

Work pro bono during spring break through OCP-organized group trips and projects with legal organizations in the Boston area and across the US.

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Pro Bono Resources

Pro Bono Resources

HLS students have many choices if they choose a career at a law firm. The following links offer some resources to evaluate law firm pro bono. You can set up an advising appointment with Lee Mestre to discuss pro bono culture at law firms and how you can best integrate pro bono into your law firm career.

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