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Fall 2023 Course

Sports Law: Advanced Contract Drafting

NOTE: Sports Law: Advanced Contract Drafting will satisfy the Negotiation and Leadership requirement when taken in conjunction with Sports and the Law: Representing the Professional Athlete OR Sports Law Clinic.

Prerequisites: None

Exam Type: Last Class Take-home

This course will provide students the opportunity to negotiate and draft agreements that a lawyer advising a sports team would encounter. Students in the course will learn about the various components of complex deal documents and have the opportunity to then draft these documents. Students in the course will also explore and experiment with negotiating strategies. Overall, the goal of the course is to have students master skills related to negotiating, drafting, and analyzing the various “moving parts” of complicated agreements regarding stadium leasing; naming rights; sponsorship; media rights; food and beverage; provision of medical; hospital and financial services; state-operated entities; and purchase and sale of sports teams.

Additional Written Work Option: Students may earn up to two (2) additional Independent Writing credits by completing an Independent Writing Project under Professor Caragana’s supervision. The scope of Independent Writing Projects will generally relate to the negotiation and drafting of an Asset Purchase Agreement and will be described in greater detail in the Course Syllabus.

This course fulfills the pre-requisite for the Sports Law Clinic. Please see the Sports Law Clinic Guide and view the Sports Law Clinic Q&A for more information.

Students taking this course and who are interested in sports law clinical placements during winter or spring are also encouraged to enroll in the fall “Sports and the Law: Examining the Legal History and Evolution of Americas Three “Major League” Sports: MLB, NFL and NBA.”

Note: The last class meeting on November 15, 2023 will be a double session.