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Spring 2025 Course


Prerequisite: None

Exam Type: No Exam

The primary focus of this experiential learning course is on developing mediation skills — as a mediator and also as an advocate in the mediation process. The primary tool for learning will be weekly role play simulations, for which you will maintain a journal. You will also receive feedback on your performance in the role plays. In addition, we will use reading responses as a springboard for classroom discussion of topics relating to mediation, such as ethics issues, mediator credentialing, and critiques of mediation. Approximately 60% of class time will be devoted to preparing for, conducting, and debriefing mediation role plays using role play facts adapted from actual cases. The remaining 40% will be devoted to classroom discussion of the readings, which are organized thematically in the syllabus.

There is no required text other than photocopied materials.