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What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is an important source of funding for a range of crucial school-wide priorities and programs, including:

  • Crisis funding, to support our diverse group of students through unexpected disruptions and times of far-reaching financial hardship, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, by offering increased financial aid, transition funding, food vouchers, and more
  • Financial aid for nearly 70% of today’s J.D. students
  • Recruiting and supporting our world-class faculty
  • Experiential learning, such as student travel or participation in regional and national moot court competitions
  • Community legal aid, through the support of our 30+ student clinics


Choose Your Area of Interest

You can make unrestricted gifts to the HLS Annual Fund, or you can choose to make a gift that supports a particular area. A gift toward one of our impact areas is a mark of what matters most to you, an investment in today’s students, today’s communities, and today’s world. The impact areas you can choose to support are:

Areas of Greatest Need: Supports our Students in Times of Crisis

During emergencies and times of crisis, this area supports our diverse group of students through unexpected disruptions and times of far-reaching financial hardship.

Clinical Programs: Learning the Law, Serving the World

Through their field work, clinical students develop a wide range of lawyering skills, including advising clients and representing them in court; conducting research and drafting policy; and developing negotiation skills.

Financial Aid: Access for All

The ability to offer competitive, need-based financial aid packages allows Harvard Law School to attract and enroll the next generation’s best and brightest candidates from around the world, regardless of their financial situation.


Harvard Law School builds an ethic of public service into the student experience, and many of our graduates are called to serve the public good through work in government, nonprofits, and academia.

Read more about making a gift to one of our impact areas.


“Many of us are so grateful to have had the opportunity to study at Harvard Law School that we band together to pay it forward.” -Jennifer L. Gachiri ’09