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Harvard Law School Annual Fund: Essential Support

Gifts to the Annual Fund strengthen every aspect of what makes a Harvard Law School education so distinctive. The Annual Fund sustains key school initiatives, accelerates change, and allows us to respond quickly to emerging needs. Students, faculty, and campus life rely on the Annual Fund every day.

Three banners hanging outside between columns on Langdell Hall. Two read Harvard Law School. Middle one reads Veritas and Lex Et Iustitia.
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When you make a gift to the HLS Annual Fund, you are sustaining the core of everything we do at Harvard Law School.

  • Your generosity strengthens recruiting, ensuring the excellence and diversity of every HLS class.
  • Your engagement enriches experiential learning and public service opportunities.
  • Your commitment provides financial aid, making an HLS education accessible to every student and preserving the broadest possible range of career options for graduates.
  • Your support gives the school the freedom to innovate and the capacity to respond immediately in times of crisis.

Through the Annual Fund, you can expand the frontiers of legal education.

Make Your Gift to the Annual Fund

You make the difference.

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Clinical Programs: Learning the Law, Serving the World

HLS was the first law school in the United States to offer clinical education as part of its curriculum, and today we offer more clinical opportunities than any other law school. Last year, members of the J.D. Class of 2023 completed a record-breaking average of 674 hours of pro bono service each.

Annual Fund gifts in support of clinical education can bolster important clinical programs; grow and support our clinical faculty; and offer funding for immediate opportunities and operational support.

Students share their perspectives on life at Harvard Law School, the caliber and diversity of its supportive community, the many benefits of the school’s Zero-L, mentorship, and clinical programs, and the role financial aid plays in making an HLS education possible.

Financial Aid: Access for All

The ability to offer competitive, need-based financial aid allows Harvard Law School to attract and enroll the next generation’s best and brightest candidates from around the world, regardless of their ability to pay.

Annual Fund gifts in support of financial aid can grow HLS’s need-based aid program for J.D. students and our Low-Income Protection Plan (LIPP), which helps graduates pursue nonprofit, government, academic, and other lower-income legal careers.

Public Service: A Focus on Community

Harvard Law School builds an ethic of public service into the student experience, and many of our graduates are called to serve through internships and careers in the public interest, government, nonprofits, and more.

Annual Fund gifts for public service can support the Summer Public Interest Fund (SPIF), which assists students who pursue summer employment in a nonprofit, government, NGO, IGO, or related setting; public service fellowships for students and recent graduates; and the Public Service Venture Fund, which awards up to $1 million annually to startups launched by alumni.

Areas of Greatest Need

Your gift will be put to use for the Harvard Law School community where and when it is needed most.

Contact a member of the Annual Fund team today to learn more.

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