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What is the Heyman Post-Grad Fellowship?

The Heyman Post-Grad Fellowship is designed to afford financial support and a community of peers to young Harvard Law School graduates who have secured a position in federal government. Approximately 10-15 Heyman Post-Grad Fellowships are awarded each spring to graduating 3Ls and graduates of the prior three years. Heyman Fellows agree to spend at least three years in federal government, and to act as mentors to Harvard Law students and graduates interested in federal government work. Each Heyman Fellow will receive a fellowship payment of $5,000. In addition, a subset of Heyman Fellows will be selected to receive loan repayment assistance of up to $15,000 based on their overall debt load.

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Who is eligible for a Heyman Post-Grad Fellowship?

HLS students of the current graduating class and the three previous years are eligible to apply for the Heyman fellowship. For example, the class of 2023 will be eligible to apply the same year as the classes of 2022, 2021, and 2020. Applicants must have or be actively seeking a position in federal government.

For applicants three years out of law school, priority in the selection process will be given to those who have spent some or all of the intervening years in clerkships or public interest fellowships.

What are the requirements of a Heyman Fellowship?


A Heyman Fellow must have a federal government position. All federal placements are eligible, with the exception of federal judicial clerkships. An applicant need not have finalized a position to apply, or to be selected, for a Heyman Fellowship, but must finalize federal employment to become a Heyman Fellow.


Award recipients are required to remain in federal public service for three years.


An important aspect of being a Heyman Fellow is the responsibility of mentoring current Harvard Law School students and new classes of Fellows. Fellows make themselves available to answer questions and offer advice to HLS students and alumni interested in pursuing work in the federal government.


Heyman Fellows are expected to participate in activities throughout the year, such as attendance at the Heyman Fellowship Annual Dinner in Washington D.C., speaking individually or on panels to students at HLS, and mentoring summer interns in their office, field, or city.

Where do Heyman Fellows work?

The Heyman Fellows are spread throughout the federal government and represent a diversity of interests and practice settings. Heyman Fellows are federal prosecutors and public defenders, work in national security, are foreign service officers, work on Capitol Hill in legislative offices, and practice in federal agencies over an enormous range of legal specialties including securities, civil rights, food and drug regulation, international trade, environmental, labor and tax law.

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