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GP Handbook

  • Graduate Program Handbook — General

    July 18, 2022

    Logistics Law School Registration All students must complete certain mandatory administrative clearance procedures before they can register as Harvard Law School degree candidates. The Graduate…

  • Graduate Program Handbook — Policies

    July 17, 2022

    Registration and Attendance Requirements All LL.M. degree candidates must register for at least nine to 10 credits in the fall term, at least eight to…

  • Graduate Program Handbook — Financial

    July 17, 2022

    Student Accounts and Expenses Student account notices for the 2023-2024 academic year were sent by the Harvard University Student Accounts Office to students at their…

  • Graduate Program Handbook — Course Registration and Course Changes

    July 17, 2022

    LL.M. students have submitted course preferences for 2023-2024 through a two-phase process that took place over the summer. Preliminary schedules, reflecting the courses in which…

  • Graduate Program Handbook

    July 17, 2022

    Welcome to the Harvard Law School Graduate Program. This handbook contains important information on academic requirements, Graduate Program policies, financial matters, and general Law School…