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Faculty Director

Gabriella Blum
Vice Dean for the Graduate Program and International Legal Studies
Rita E. Hauser Professor of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Faculty Director, Program on International Law and Armed Conflict (PILAC)
Hauser 208, (617) 495-4629

Senior Advisor

William Alford
Senior Advisor, Graduate Program and International Legal Studies
Jerome A. and Joan L. Cohen Professor of Law
Director, East Asian Legal Studies Program
Chair, Harvard Law School Project on Disability
Austin 301, (617) 495-4693


Catherine Peshkin
Assistant Dean for the Graduate Program and International Legal Studies
WCC 5005, (617) 496-4227

Nancy Pinn
Senior Director, Administration and Student Affairs
WCC 5005, (617) 384-8302

Sarah Trautz
Director, Admissions and Financial Aid
WCC 5005, (617) 384-0366

Jane Fair Bestor
Graduate Writing and Academic Preceptor
WCC 5005, (617) 384-9537

Sara Zucker
Director, International Legal Studies
WCC 5005, (617) 495-9030

Andre Barbic
Program Officer, International Legal Studies
WCC 5005, (617) 496-8732

Audrey Kunycky
Communications Manager, Graduate Program and International Legal Studies
WCC 5005, (617) 496-9490

Amy Sacheck
Assistant Director, Admissions and Financial Aid
WCC 5005, (617) 495-3060

Melissa Bergsten
Admissions and Financial Aid Administrator
WCC 5005, (617) 384-7522

Victoria Johnson
Admissions and Financial Aid Coordinator
WCC 5005, (617) 496-7499

Caitie Parmelee
LL.M. and Student Affairs Program Administrator
WCC 5005, (617) 384-0521

Kathryn Weaver
Graduate Student Affairs Coordinator
WCC 5005, (617) 496-2873

Advisors And Coordinators

Current S.J.D. and J.D. candidates coordinate a variety of academic programs and colloquia, which are presented throughout the year. They also conduct course counseling and academic advising for LL.M. students. The candidates serving in such roles for the academic year 2023-2024 are listed below.

LL.M. Advisors

Arvind Abraham
Deyaa Alrwishdi
Vanessa Daza Castillo
Omer Ein Habar
Shira Gur Arieh
Nida Kadayifci
Iqra Khan
Rose Karoro
Jacquelene Mwangi
Nicolás Parra-Herrera
Nitsan Plitman
Wei-An Tsai
Eliel Sanchez Acevedo
Dana Zuk Reifer

Writing Workshop Advisors for Long-Paper Writers/Writing Groups

Rabea Eghbariah
Gilad Mills
Ignacio Orellana Garcia
Haggai Porat
Juan Rivera Rugeles
Cem Tecimer

Writing Workshop Advisor for Short Writing Projects

Sam Bookman

Tiran Bajgiran

Law Teaching Colloquium Coordinator

Ignacio Orellana Garcia

Sam Bookman
Eric Gitari
Eleftheria Papadaki
Nicolás Parra-Herrera
Guy Rubinstein
Shani Shisha

Visiting Scholars and Visiting Researchers (VSVR) Programming Coordinator

Xuejiao Li

Byse Fellows

Angel Cabrera Silva
Guy Rubinstein

Committee On Graduate Studies

The Committee on Graduate Studies is responsible for academic policy and admissions for the Graduate Program. The Committee also oversees the application of program policies and regulations in consultation with the program administrators and staff. The members of the 2023-2024 Committee on Graduate Studies will be announced in September.