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For the 2017 Spring term, 1L students must enroll in both an International/Comparative Law course and a spring elective. Registration for those courses will take place in two separate registration rounds; all course preferences will be entered via HELIOS.

The following information is aimed at helping you select courses.

International/Comparative Law Course Registration (spring 2017)

  • Begin entering course preferences: Monday, October 31, 9am
  • Course preferencing deadline: Wednesday, November 2, 12pm
  • Students must rank all 7 courses in order of preference

Public International Law  (Gabriella Blum)

Public International Law  (Ashley Deeks)

Law and the International Economy  (Mark Wu)

Human Rights and International Law  (Gerald Neuman)

International Law in the US Legal System  (Jack Goldsmith)

European Legal World  (Kim Scheppele)

Comparative Constitutional Law* (Vicki Jackson)
*Please note this course is unavailable to preference for sections 4, 5, and 7 due to a schedule conflict.

Spring Elective Registration (spring 2017)

  • Begin entering course preferences: Monday, November 7, 9am
  • Course preferencing deadline: Wednesday, November 9, 12pm
  • Participating students must rank a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 courses

Below you will find links to lists of elective courses relevant to each 1L section. Please note:

  • You will see other Spring Elective courses on the HELIOS registration page, however, you should choose your preferences from the courses listed for your section in the links below. Any course not on your list is not available to your section because you are ineligible to enroll in the class. If you choose to preference a course not included in your section list below, you will waste a preference.
  • By Permission (or “by application”) courses are not included in course preferencing; you must follow the instructions in the course descriptions of these courses in order to obtain permission to enroll. If approved for a by permission course, you do not need to enter preferences during the Spring Elective registration round. Please notify the Office of the Registrar if you are approved for a by permission course.

Spring Elective Lists By Section:
The following links contain the available spring elective courses by section which do not present a schedule conflict.  Please be careful to only preference courses listed on your respective section list. (revised information as of 10/28/2016 2:15pm)

Revised Spring Elective Section 1

Revised Spring Elective Section 2

Revised Spring Elective Section 3

Revised Spring Elective Section 4

Revised Spring Elective Section 5

Revised Spring Elective Section 6

Revised Spring Elective Section 7

Enrolling in the Spring 2017 Negotiation Workshop

1Ls interested in enrolling in the Spring Negotiation Workshop to fulfill the elective requirement can apply by following the application procedures found at the following link:

For questions regarding any aspect of Registration, please consider attending a Registration Information Session. Information Session dates, along with a full registration calendar and additional registration resources, can be found on the Registration Information page. Questions may also be directed to