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These instructions cover how to get your take-home exam question and then start the exam. For a more detailed tutorial, click here.

Takehome exam questions can be downloaded from

ONE-DAY Take-home exams must be taken on their scheduled day. All ONE-DAY Take-home exams are due 8 hours after you download the questions, or by 4:30PM on the scheduled exam day, whichever time is earlier. The exam question is available for download starting at 7:30am. Exams which are downloaded between 7:30am-8:30am will have 8-hours, except when noted otherwise on the exam instructions, from the time they download to submit their answer (ex. an exam downloaded at 7:45am is due by 3:45pm). Please Note: Exams downloaded after 8:30am will not have the full 8-hours to complete and submit since the final deadline for the exam is 4:30pm.

ANY-DAY Take-home exams may be taken in any 8-hour period during the scheduled exam period. ANY-DAY Take-home exams must be submitted within 8-hours from downloading the exam question, or by 4:30pm on the last day of exams, whichever is earlier.

All exams will print in Times New Roman, double-spaced font, even though that is not what you see when you type.

To view your exam question

1. Go to The exam question DOES NOT appear when you open up the software.
2. Select Law Schools from the left menu.
3. Select Harvard Law School from the list.
4. Select the correct course from the list.
5. Read the instructions, click the confirmation box and click “View exam question.” You will need your Anonymous ID in order to view the question.
6. Once you view the exam question, the clock has started.
7. The .pdf file will not be emailed to you. Once you download the question, you can save it and / or print it from any computer.
You are now ready to start typing your exam answer. See immediately below for Exam4 set-up instructions.

To set up your exam

1. Launch Exam4 from your desktop.
2. Select “Prepare to start a new exam.”
3. Enter your Anonymous ID in the proper boxes, and select the correct course from the course list. We recommend that you enter your HUID into the Protected Info box, though this is not mandatory.
4. Choose your exam options, should you want them (large font size, white on black background). NOTE: The countdown timer has been disabled. This option is no longer available to HLS students.
5. You do not need to enter a violation number, but you do need to check the “Got it” box.
6. Enter in the correct exam mode. All take-home exams are in TAKEHOME mode. TAKEHOME mode is the only mode which allows cutting and pasting from a Word document. (We strongly recommend you write your exam directly in Exam4 as formatting and word counts will not be preserved when copying from an outside application into Exam4.  Additionally, Exam4 files are backed up every 2 minutes and are easily retrieved in the case of a computer malfunction).
7. Verify that your exam information is correct.
8. Click “Begin Exam.” REMEMBER that you need to go online to to view your exam question. It will not appear when you open up the software!
The Document Statistics Box will show your word, character and line count.

If you would like to exit your exam, and start it again later

1. This works only in TAKEHOMEmode.
2. Go to the File menu and end your exam. Confirm that you are ending it.
3. Do NOTsubmit it electronically. Save it to the specified file location and exit Exam4.
4. When you want to get back into your exam, choose “Select existing exam” after launching Exam4 from your desktop.
5. Select the correct exam and click “Begin Exam” and you will be able to continue working on your exam.

To end and submit your exam

1. Go to the File menu and select “End Exam.”
2. Select “Submit Electronically.” You must submit your exam WITHIN the 8-hour window. Any exams submitted late will be referred to the Administrative Board.
3. Once you see a screen that says “Electronic Submittal OK” you are all set and may exit out of the software, following the instructions in the confirmation boxes.
4. Once you submit your exam, you may not then edit it and submit another copy. Electronic submittal is final similar to handing in your exam to a proctor. Please make sure you are finished with your exam before you electronically submit it. Multiple submissions of the exact same exam (for example, if you are not sure it went through the first time) are permissible.

If you have any questions, please email the Registrar’s Office.