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Examinations at Harvard Law School are administered by the Office of the Registrar and taken on Exam4 software. Examinations are anonymous, and self-identification of any kind is not permitted. Self-identification may result in disallowance of the exam. Students may not discuss individual exam scheduling arrangements with faculty members. For more information about HLS’ exam policies, please see the Handbook of Academic Policies. For exam questions, please contact

If you are requesting disability-related exam accommodations, please contact Accessibility Services at or 617-495-1880.

Every exam period a classroom is set aside on campus for quiet study and a place to write takehomes. The designated “Quiet Room” for the Spring 2018 exam period is Griswold 110, and will be available from 7am-10pm, Monday – Friday.

Examination Information Sessions

Date Time Location
Monday, April 16 12pm – 1pm Austin West
Tuesday, April 17 12pm – 1pm Austin West

If you are unable to attend this Exam Information Sessions, please view the presentation slides. The Registrar’s Office along with the Dean of Students Office has compiled a “Top Ten List” to help answer common exam questions. In the event of an illness or emergency, review the DOS Health Services Information sheet. 

2017-2018 Exam Schedules

Note: For all one-day and any-day takehome exams, the clock starts when you download the exam from the Exam4 website.  For one-day takehomes, your completed exam must be uploaded X hours from the time you download the questions, or by 4:30pm on the exam day, whichever time is earlier.  For any-day takehomes, your completed exam must be uploaded X hours from the time you download the questions, or by 4:30pm on the final day, whichever time is earlier.  See the schedules below for exam-specific details on total hours and final deadline dates.

Request Previous Exam Responses

For any student wishing to request their submitted exam answers for the academic year 2017-2018, please fill out the Fall 2017 exam request form and/or the Winter 2018 exam request form. Exam responses are for those exams administered in Exam4 by the Registrar’s Office only.

To make requests for previous exam previous to the academic year 2017-2018, email with the exam you are requesting (include course and faculty name) and the term’s exam ID. The exam ID can be found in your Helios account’s home page.