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The MRA, or “Missing Receipt Affidavit” is used to supplement insufficient receipts or back-up documentation for purchases.

Although not said out loud we know many people often think, “Why do I need to submit a Missing Receipt Affidavit if you have the receipt right there in front of you?” Oftentimes what we consider “receipts” for payments are deemed insufficient by University Financial Services. We like to call the MRA the “Insufficient Receipt Affidavit” because it supports insufficient receipts, even if they aren’t technically “missing”.

Here are some examples of when an MRA is needed even when a “receipt” is present:

  • The “receipt” is a photocopy, PDF scan, or fax: Harvard UFS requires originals receipts to be submitted for reimbursement. If a copy (scans and faxes are copies) is all you have, then an MRA needs to also be submitted with the copy
  • The “receipt” is an airline/travel confirmation: An airline or travel confirmation/itinerary alone is not sufficient for reimbursement. A proof of payment is also required. Submit the e-ticket instead, which includes the airline ticket number, which is proof of payment. If the itinerary is titled “Confirmation” it is not an e-ticket or receipt. It is just a confirmation that the flight has been booked. Even if it shows credit card info that is not considered proof of payment. If the ticket number (not the confirmation number) is not listed then another proof a payment is needed like the credit card statement AND an MRA. Credit card statements alone are not proof of payment
  • The “receipt” is hand-written: hand-written receipts are not allowed and an MRA will be needed instead
  • The “receipt” is from Amtrak: Amtrak doesn’t issue e-tickets. If the Amtrak email confirmation is submitted in lieu of the actual Amtrak paper ticket stub then an MRA is always needed
  • The “receipt” is a car rental agreement: car rental agreements are not receipts even though the credit card info is included on it. The credit card receipt or an MRA is needed to be submitted with the car rental agreement

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