To thoughtfully support clients in the safe, professional and successful execution of events at the Harvard Law School.


We will become one of the premier event support organizations at Harvard University.


The following applies to all of our stakeholders (clients, colleagues, suppliers and anyone else who helps us “do what we do”):

  • Professionalism – We will always act and appear in a professional manner.
  • Relationships – We strive to develop and maintain loyal relationships.
  • Appreciation – We do not exist and cannot be successful without our stakeholders and for that we are thankful. Whenever possible we will show our appreciation.
  • Excellence – Where practical and safe, we will always look to exceed expectations.
  • Communication – Timely and consistent communication is important. We will always make sure expectations are clear for all parties involved and we will maintain a calm and positive demeanor in all of our interactions.
  • Presence – We never want to leave anyone with “nowhere to turn” so we will be physically present at events whenever possible and provide contact information for who can be reached if we cannot.
  • Accommodation – Where a request may not be possible we will always provide creative and safe event planning advice by providing alternative options.