The standard of spoken English varies widely among LL.M.s. Most LL.M.s come from non-English speaking countries, so they will be very accepting of your English abilities—after all, everyone speaks with some kind of accent. Even if you are not a native speaker of English, your spoken English will improve rapidly with practice after you have arrived in Cambridge.

You will soon find out that the most valuable resources at Harvard are your fellow classmates. Their knowledge, skills and interests add to the academic and personal growth that you will experience at the school. Some J.D.s do not know many LL.M.s, and do not have much of an understanding of the LL.M. degree or those undertaking it. There are other J.D.s who will go out of their way to meet LL.M.s and join in your community. The best way to meet J.D.s is to get involved – so sign up for the Student Host Program, join student organizations, and attend general HLS social events!

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