The Committee on Oversight and Reform is the primary investigative committee of the House of Representatives.  The Committee is unique among other House Committees in that it has jurisdiction to investigate “any matter” at any time.  The Committee’s Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy focuses on issues affecting consumers (e.g., marketing e-cigarettes to children; the presence of lead and other toxic heavy metals in baby food).  See here ( for more details on the Subcommittee’s recent work.

The Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy is seeking an intern for Spring 2022.  The intern would assist with all of the Subcommittee’s work, including (a) developing investigation ideas, (b) drafting document requests, (c) reviewing documents, (d) writing memos and reports on the Subcommittee’s findings, and (e) preparing for hearings.  The ideal applicant will be a strong writer with prior investigative experience of some type (e.g., at a government agency or as a reporter).  Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume to