The Massachusetts Public Banking campaign is seeking an intern for the Spring semester to work with them in demonstrating how the MA public bank will address the link between environmental justice and the climate crisis.  The intern would also assist the MPB in building active support for the public bank among these advocacy organizations and movements.

Legislation to establish the MA public bank, S665/H1223, has been introduced in the MA legislature and detailed expert testimony has been submitted with key assistance from Harvard Law professor Christine Desan.   In order for the bill to become law, the State Legislature must see strong support for the legislation.  The campaign works closely with the Black Economic Council of MA (BECMA) and the Boston Ujima Project in examining the inequities in lending along racial lines and is developing relationships with state environmental organizations.  The campaign now needs to proactively link the issues of racial justice with the climate crisis.

The HLS intern will identify key players in the state environmental and climate movements and work with them to become strong advocates for the public bank by mobilizing their members, speaking directly with legislators, and making the public bank a key element of their media campaigns. The HLS intern will also reach out directly to legislators and their staff to educate them on these critical connections.

The intern will work with the guidance of Ruth Caplan, Co-chair of MA Public Banking and Nia Evans, Coordinator of the Boston Ujima Project and member of the MA Public Banking steering committee.

Once students are selected, students will be required to submit an independent clinical application.  Please consult:

(This opportunity is not eligible to students on F-1 visas)

Prof. Desan will serve as the faculty sponsor.

Students should submit a resume and cover letter to Liz Solar at