Shared on behalf of the HLS Rule of Law Student Organization

We hope you are managing well in this difficult time. In an effort to prepare ourselves for the coming year, when we have returned to normalcy, we’re excited to announce that we are accepting applications for our Board for next year.

HLS Rule of Law a Harvard student-run organization that strives to create opportunities through which students and the wider community can develop a critical and comprehensive understanding of the rule of law.  As a non-partisan organization, we aim to bring together and empower individuals from diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and interests to examine, discuss, and ultimately advocate for the rule of law in our communities at every level.

Fill out this form by midnight on Friday, April 24 to apply to join the 2020-21 Board of the Rule of Law Society. If you have any questions, please email the current president, Steven Wang ( For more details on who we are and what we do, please visit our website.

Some of our highlights include:

  • Leading a series of lectures on the rule of law in the development context of Asia with the General Counsel of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Gerard Sanders
  • Co-hosting Peter DeShazo for a discussion on US Foreign Policy in Latin America and its role in the rule of law.
  • Co-hosting talk with Prof. Mark Tushnet and Prof. Faizan Mustafa on Secularism in Constitutional Democracies: The Indian Experience.
  • Hosting a workshop and moot court for middle school students coming from China.

We’re eager to push into new frontiers in our work at Harvard, and we’d love to invite anyone who is interested to take this on for our organization next year to apply. You may apply for any of the following positions:

1. Co-Presidents (2):  The President conducts meetings, manages the organization’s activities, coordinates with the Treasurer on approving expenses, and delegates work to the other officers. The President also acts as the representative to the student government, the administration, and faculty advisor and oversees the organization’s long-term vision.

2. Treasurer:  The Treasurer maintains the budget, monitors the organization’s finances, and approves expenditures. The Treasurer also takes an active role in event planning to ensure that the organization stays within budget while moving towards its goals.

3. Vice President of Scholarship: The VP of Scholarship is responsible for managing the Rule of Law Forum and ongoing engagement with researchers, practitioners, and faculty on publishing and distributing pieces of scholarly work.

4. Vice President of Partnerships: The VP of Partnerships is responsible for initiating and strategizing partnerships with both organizations, for both events and other engagements.

3. Vice President of Events :  The VP of Events is responsible for planning events, selecting and inviting speakers, and handling event logistics. The VP of Events is also in charge of handling co-sponsorships with other student organizations.

4. Vice President of Communications:  The VP of Communications handles the organization’s communications with the general membership through weekly newsletters and manages the website, social media page, and blog space.

5. Vice President of External Affairs:  The VP of External Affairs is responsible for fundraising and building relationships with organizations and practitioners outside of HLS —  throughout the university, at other law schools, and in other nations.

6. Vice President of Membership: The VP of Membership is responsible for managing the membership of the Rule of Law Society, coordinating social events, and being responsive to fresh requests and needs.

7. Vice President of Projects: The VP of Projects is responsible for initiating new projects and collaborations for the Rule of Law Society. This person will be a hub for fresh thinking and new initiatives for the Society’s strategic future.

8. Vice President of Engagement: The VP of Engagement is responsible for coordinating our interview and blog series by outside faculty and scholars.