Harvard Law School Professor Jonathan Zittrain ’95, co-founder and faculty co-director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, participated in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January. He joined leading Internet experts in a panel discussion on “Is the Internet at Risk?”

Panelists described a host of risks posed by a variety of threats, including data theft, overloads, invasions of privacy, and browser design, but they issued an especially strong warning that the threat of cybercrime is rising sharply. With the majority of cybercrimes being executed by large, well-organized gangs, the panelists called for a new system for dealing with cybercriminals.

Moderated by Fortune Magazine’s Internet and Technology senior editor David Kirkpatrick, the panel included: Zittrain; Mitchell Baker, chairman of the board of Mozilla, makers of the Firefox browser; Dave DeWalt, CEO of McAfee, creators of antivirus software; Andre Kudelski of Kudelski Group, which provides digital security solutions; and Tom Ilube, CEO of Garlik, a firm working on online web identity protection.

For a summary of the panel discussion, see the World Economic Forum summary and coverage in the BBC News.