HLS Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law Elizabeth Warren discussed the future of the foreclosure crisis in the United States and what should be done to improve the current situation on a National Public Radio program that aired December 9.

Listen here.

Warren appeared on NPR’s “On Point” hosted by Tom Ashbrook alongside Floyd Norris, chief financial correspondent at The New York Times, Arden Shank, executive director and president of Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida, and Yale University professor of economics John Geanakoplos.

The discussion focused on the failure of recent interventions to ease the home foreclosure market and the possibility that the future will only worsen if appropriate interventions are not instituted.

Warren also discussed this topic in a Nov. 9, 2009, Newsweek magazine interview with Tim Fernholz entitled “Reining in, and Reigning Over, Wall Street.” In this interview she discussed the future of financial regulation as well as the impact which such interventions will have on the economy as a whole.