Harvard Law School Professor Phil Heymann’s new book, Terrorism, Freedom, and Security: Winning Without War, examines the United States’ response to the September 11 attacks and concludes that the “War on Terrorism” is the wrong approach to combating global terrorism. Instead, Heymann argues, the U.S. needs to put more focus on diplomacy, intelligence and international law.

A former deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration, Heymann has extensive knowledge of the efforts to counter the terrorist threat. His 1998 book Terrorism and America, which outlined a multi-pronged strategy for dealing with terrorism, was called the “clearest, leanest, most even-toned account yet published of U.S. policy considerations about terrorism.” (Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/3/99)

In this video Q&A, Heymann discusses the administration’s response to September 11 and the dangers of the current U.S. strategy.

Phil Heymann Q&A (23:30)

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