Harvard Law School’s beautiful campus — with lush greenery and many buildings with different architectural styles, from Austin Hall to Gannett House to the stately columns of Langdell Hall — provides great backdrops for Class Day and Commencement photos. And don’t forget about other special spots, including the World Sculpture.

5.  Austin Hall

The arches! The stone!

4.  WCC archways 

A perfect frame.

3.  Langdell steps

The steps on either side of the majestic Langdell Hall provide an excellent location for group photos.

2.  Harvard Law School backdrop

This has become a favorite since being introduced several years ago. Updated this year with the new shield! You can find it in the lobby of the WCC.

1. Harvard Law School stone benches 

Located on either side of Pound Hall, the benches are the top photo spot. Get there early — there’s usually a line on Commencement Day!