Post Date: March 15, 2006

HLS’s Journal of Law and Technology will host its 10th annual symposium, “Knowledge, Power and Invention: Staying Competitive in the Global Marketplace and the Role of IP Reform.” The two-day event will explore the best ways to protect intellectual assets, promote creative innovation and implement legal reform.

“As Congress introduces legislation to help preserve America’s competitive advantage in the global marketplace, this symposium provides a unique and valuable opportunity to see where intellectual property laws are working and whether they might need reform,” said Margaux Hall, JOLT’s symposium co-editor.

On Thursday, panel discussions will cover topics such as competitive strategies for bridging the gap between patents and open source development, and new initiatives to expand access to online learning.

Friday’s discussion will evaluate the need for reform within agricultural biotechnology. Jerry Thursby, department chair of Emory University, will be the keynote speaker introduced by Dean Elena Kagan. The afternoon’s panel will explore the changing face of invention from the perspective of corporate leaders such as Google, as well as small inventors.

For a full schedule, please visit the JOLT symposium website.