This year’s list of 10 Best Corporate and Securities Articles, as chosen by the legal journal “Corporate Practice Commentator,” includes a selection from HLS Professor Guhan Subramanian’98, who was honored for his recent article examining the role of go-shop clauses in private equity deals from 2005-2007.

Drawn from 480 articles, the top 10 list reflects the choices of leading legal scholars in the corporate law field. This is the tenth straight year that an article from an HLS professor has been honored.

Over the past eight years, Subramanian has published more “top ten” articles in corporate and securities law than any other academic in the country, with 6 1/6 articles using the survey’s methodology and 8 articles total. He is currently working on a book project that synthesizes his learnings from these articles and provides implications for a practitioner audience. The project will be summarized in the Harvard Business Review later this year, and published in early 2010.

Subramanian’s article on this year’s list, “Go-shops vs. no-shops in private equity deals: Evidence and implications,” was published in the May 2008 issue of the Business Lawyer. In it, he examines the implications of go-shop clauses for deal process and deal pricing, and provides implications for the Delaware courts.

The Joseph Flom Professor of Law and Business at the Harvard Law School and the Douglas Weaver Professor of Business Law at the Harvard Business School, Subramanian is the first person to hold tenured appointments at both HLS and HBS. He is the faculty chair for the JD/MBA program at Harvard University and a member of the executive committee of the Program on Negotiation at HLS.

His research explores topics in negotiations, corporate deal-making, and corporate governance. He is a co-author of “Commentaries and Cases on the Law of Business Organization,” a leading textbook on corporate law, and he has also published articles in the Stanford Law Review, the Yale Law Journal, and the Journal of Legal Studies, among other places.

Prior to joining the Harvard faculty Subramanian spent three years at McKinsey & Company in their New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C. offices.