A photo exhibit featuring portraits of legal scholars who represent traditionally marginalized voices will be displayed in Harvard Law School’s Wasserstein Hall from Nov. 17-22.

The exhibit, “Diverse Voices,” was conceived by a coalition of student groups at Harvard Law School to commemorate diverse voices in the law on the first anniversary of an incident in November 2015 when the portraits of HLS African Americans were defaced with black tape. The project was a joint effort of students from Harvard Law School’s Asian Pacific American Law Students Association, Black Law Students Association, La Alianza, Lambda, Native American Law Students Association, and the Women’s Law Association.

Student organizers say the goal of the exhibit is to continue the conversation about diversity in the law as it pertains to diversity within law school faculties.

The featured scholars, who come from a variety of legal concentrations, have used their accomplishments and scholarship to support causes ranging from immigrants’ rights to indigent criminal defense and racial justice. By recognizing some of the diverse scholars who shape legal theory, the students hope to highlight the need for law school faculties to better represent and reflect student populations.

Below are selections from the exhibit of some of the scholars highlighted.

The collection will be displayed through Tuesday, on the ground floor of Wasserstein Hall.