Of the 39 law school graduates serving as clerks to the U.S. Supreme Court justices and retired justices in the 2012-2013 term, seven hail from Harvard Law School.

Former HLS Dean Elena Kagan ’86 appointed three HLS graduates to serve as clerks for this year’s term of the nation’s highest court. Sitting Supreme Court Justices have four clerks each, for a total of 36. Each of the three retired justices also has a clerk.

The seven HLS graduates serving as U.S. Supreme Court clerks for the 2012-2013 term are:

  • Kwaku Akowuah ’04 (Justice Breyer)
  • David Denton ’11 (Justice Kennedy)
  • Brad Garcia ’11 (Justice Kagan)
  • Julia Kobick ’10 (Justice Ginsburg)
  • Zach Schauf ’11 (Justice Kagan)
  • Benjamin Snyder ’11 (Chief Justice Roberts)
  • David Zimmer ’10 (Justice Kagan)