Professor Hal Scott, the HLS Program on International Financial Systems and Standard & Poor’s have released a white paper based on a half-day symposium that focused on key issues of corporate governance affecting companies, investors, and financial markets globally. Cosponsored by the Program on International Financial Systems, Standard & Poor’s and BusinessWeek, the symposium convened in New York on December 6, 2005.

With the title “Mandating Integrity and Transparency,” the discussion focused on the following areas:

Professor Scott moderated the program, featuring a unique collection of international experts on corporate governance. The panelists represented a wide range of professional experience and accomplishment in areas including institutional investment, financial market regulation, corporate boards, corporate management, accounting, law, credit rating, journalism, and academia.

In addition to this professional diversity, a key distinguishing feature of the panel was the range of different geographic perspectives, reflecting representation from the U.S., Japan, China, and from several countries in Europe. The panelists were:

The resulting white paper, co-authored by Scott and George Dallas of Standard & Poor’s, is titled Mandating Corporate Behavior: Can One Set of Rules Fit All? (PDF file)