Last month, William P. Alford, Henry L. Stimson Professor of Law and director of East Asian Legal Studies at Harvard Law School, was the guest of President and Mrs. Clinton at a White House dinner honoring Special Olympics.

Alford was invited in recognition of his work on behalf of Special Olympics in China. In May, Alford traveled to China with Sargent Shriver (founder of the Peace Corps and Special Olympics chairman), Dr. Timothy Shriver (president of Special Olympics) and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger to promote educational programs for the mentally retarded through meetings with China’s top leaders, national broadcasts and exhibitions, and other efforts designed to assist Chinese Special Olympics.

On the same day as the White House dinner, Alford joined former US Ambassadors to China James Lilly and Stapleton Roy in speaking to some of the US government’s top China specialists about the current situation in China and changes that might be expected in the next four years. Earlier in December, Alford was the keynote speaker at the 50th anniversary celebration of the People’s Republic of China’s first law school. The event culminated in a ceremony in the “Great Hall of the People” attended by the President of the Supreme People’s Court and the head of China’s legislature.

Also in attendance were approximately 150 university presidents, deans, and law professors from around the world. Alford also holds honorary professorships xat Remnin University in Beijing and Zhejiang University in Hangzou.