Post Date: July 6, 2005

The Supreme Court recently agreed to hear the case Whitman v. Department of Transportation, in which the petition for certiorari was prepared by a class at Harvard Law School. The winter 2005 Supreme Court Litigation class, taught by instructors Amy Howe and Thomas Goldstein, researched and wrote the petition.

The case raises questions about collective bargaining agreements and the circumstances under which federal employees may bring claims against the government to court.

“The Whitman case raises issues that affect the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of government employees all around the country,” said Goldstein. “We were very fortunate to have the Harvard students involved in the project, and they did a fantastic job, as you can tell from the fact that the justices agreed to hear the case.”

Anton Metlitsky ’05 and Chris Houpt ’05 were principally involved in preparing the draft. Oral arguments in the case will begin later this winter.