HLS Dean Martha Minow presented nine staff members with the 2010 Dean’s Award for Excellence at an awards ceremony in Ames Courtroom, Austin Hall, on June 10.

The award recognizes staff members in nonfaculty positions who embody the spirit of excellence and innovation within the HLS community.

HLS staff members are nominated by their peers for the award. An advisory committee made up of past Dean’s Award winners, human resources representatives, and additional selected staff members make recommendations to the Dean about who should receive the awards.

This year’s winners are:

Erica Benedick, Negotiation Workshop Coordinator, Harvard Negotiation Research Project

Deborah Gallagher, Director of Administrative Services, Faculty Support Services

Ken Lafler, Assistant Dean for Student Financial Services, Student Financial Services

Isabel Lima, Program Administrator, Legal Services Center (as a team with Silvia Vazquez)

Jon Murley, Financial Associate, Financial Office

Jane Reader, Faculty Assistant, Faculty Support Services

Susannah Tobin, Director, First Year Legal Writing and Research Program

Silvia Vazquez, Interpreter/Program Assistant, Legal Services Center (as a team with Isabel Lima)

Nancy Zaphiris, Interim Manager of Bibliographic Services, Law Library

View the ceremony here.

Members of this year’s advisory committee were: Karen Pemstein and Kathy Long Thurman, co-chairs, Human Resources; Amar Ashar, program coordinator, Berkman Center for Internet and Society; Mike Barker, assistant director for management of circulating collections, Library, and 2008 Dean’s Award for Excellence recipient; Karina Chamorro, administrative director for curriculum planning, Clinical and Pro Bono Programs, Joint Council, and 2008 Dean’s Award for Excellence recipient; Carla Gannon, assistant director, development administration, Alumni Affairs and Development; Pratike Patel, director of enterprise services, ITS, and 2008 Dean’s Award for Excellence recipient; David Langlois, media developer/analyst, Media Services, and 2008 Dean’s Award for Excellence recipient; Judith Murciano, associate director, OPIA and Director of Fellowships, OPIA, 2008 Dean’s Award for Excellence recipient; Joei Perry, assistant director, Faculty Support Services, Faculty Support Services; and Ethan Thomas, publications associate and senior graphic designer, Communications, and 2008 Dean’s Award for Excellence recipient.