HLS Dean Martha Minow was interviewed on August 22 for the ‘Bibliophiles’ column in the Boston Globe. In the Q&A, Minow talks about her own summer reading list, book groups with the President, and the relevance of fiction and poetry in advancing our national dialogue on ethnic and religious conflict.

Minow recently published “In Brown’s Wake: Legacies of America’s Educational Landmark,” a book that explores the repercussions of Brown vs. Board of Education more than a half-century after the decision.

Teacher of law finds lessons of wisdom in literature

by Amanda Katz / Globe correspondent

As a law student at Harvard in the late 1980s, Barack Obama was inspired by a young professor named Martha Minow. Today, Minow is dean of the law school, a beloved professor, and a much-published expert on post-conflict societies, equality, and human rights. This year, she made Obama’s list of possible Supreme Court nominees, though the nod finally went to her predecessor as dean, Elena Kagan.