Michael Froman ’91 has been named deputy assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser for international economic affairs, a position to be held jointly at the National Security Council and the National Economic Council. His responsibilities will include serving as the White House liaison to the G7, G8 and G20 summits of economic powers.

A former chief of staff to Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin during the Clinton administration, Froman also served in the Treasury as deputy assistant secretary for Eurasia and the Middle East. He was also director for international economic affairs on the National Economic Council and the National Security Council. Prior to working in the U.S. Government, he was a director of the American Bar Association’s legal assistance program in Albania and a member of the Forward Studies Unit of the European Commission in Brussels.

Most recently, Froman was a managing director of Citigroup’s Citi Alternative Investments Institutional Clients Group, where he was head of infrastructure and sustainable development. He also served on 12-member advisory board of the Obama campaign’s transition team.

In addition to his J.D. from Harvard, he received a bachelor’s degree in public and international affairs from Princeton University, and a doctorate in international relations from Oxford University.