Professor Bruce H. Mann has been elected a fellow of the Massachusetts Historical Society and a member of the American Antiquarian Society.

Founded in 1791, the Massachusetts Historical Society is the oldest historical society in North America and the first institution devoted to collecting, preserving, and publishing the sources of American history. Fellows are elected for their contributions to scholarship and to the study of history generally.

The American Antiquarian Society was chartered in 1812 to aid the progress of science, to perpetuate the history of moral and political events, and to improve and interest posterity. Members are elected in recognition of their scholarship or their leadership in the arts and humanities and include scholars, civic leaders, journalists, and writers.

“The fellows and members of the Massachusetts Historical Society and the American Antiquarian Society have kept the past alive and vital for two centuries,” said Mann. “I am honored to join their company.”

The Carl F. Schipper, Jr. Professor of Law, Mann was appointed to the HLS faculty in 2006. His areas of expertise include American legal history and trusts and estates. His most recent book, “Republic of Debtors: Bankruptcy in the Age of American Independence,” was published by Harvard University Press.