Post Date: April 6, 2005

“The play is a brilliant dramatization of the conflict between mind and heart, of the tensions between scientific and humanistic endeavor, and of the limits of language,” said Hay, who teaches courses in evidence, procedure, and law and literature, among other subjects. “It also raises fundamental questions about the functions of a university and the obligations of professionals such as doctors and lawyers.”

W;t received critical acclaim for its funny but poignant rendering of one woman’s battle with cancer. The play interweaves her perspective as an academic and a scholar of John Donne with that of her young doctor, who was also her former student.

The performances are part of a series of shows directed and produced by Professor Hay. Previous productions include Proof in November 2004 and The Crucible in April 2004. Tickets for W;t can be purchased at the door or in advance by emailing