The Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy has released a special issue, “Law and the War on Terrorism.” The issue presents articles by over 20 of the most respected legal scholars in the country on issues that face America following the attacks of September 11. Topics addressed range from patriotism in the face of foreign hatred to the legality of President George W. Bush ‘s planned military tribunals.

“This issue presents the first in-depth, comprehensive gathering of America’s brightest legal minds on the impact of the war on terrorism on America’s legal system,” said editor in chief, Christopher Posteraro. “The articles in this issue will be the foundation for intense scholarly debate for months and years to come.”

The issue includes articles from Harvard Law School Professors Richard D. Parker, Philip B. Heymann, and William J. Stuntz. Also prominently featured are a number of government officials, including Assistant Attorneys General John Yoo and Viet Dinh, and Deputy General Counsel for the Office of Homeland Security, Robert J. Delahunty.

A portion of the proceeds from this special issue will be donated to the Pentagon Assistance Fund.

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