Harvard Law School has awarded its 2003 Ames Prize to Judge Richard Posner. Posner, the 25th recipient of in the 101-year history of the award, was given the award in honor of his book “Economic Analysis of Law.” The award was presented at a ceremony this afternoon.

“Previous winners of this award include John Rawls and Benjamin Cardozo,” said Dean Robert Clark at the reception. “I’m sure you will agree that Judge Richard Posner deserves to be listed among these great writers and thinkers who have won the Ames Prize.”

A student at Harvard Law School, Posner won the Sears and Beale Prizes, was president of the Law Review, and was presented the Fay Diploma for the highest GPA upon graduation.

The Ames Prize is named in honor of James Barr Ames, dean of Harvard Law School from 1895 to 1910. The prize was first awarded in 1902 to John Henry Wigmore for the first volume of his edition of “Greenleaf on Evidence.”