Professor Howell Jackson has been named Associate Dean for Research at Harvard Law School. In this position, Jackson will oversee, coordinate, and promote the Law School’s extensive research activities, including research by members of the faculty and the work of Harvard Law’s 17 research centers, programs, and projects.

“Howell Jackson is an outstanding choice for this important position,” said Dean Robert C. Clark. “The breadth of research conducted at Harvard Law School is astounding. Professor Jackson will help ensure that our varied research endeavors ultimately contribute to the good of society and aid in the education of our students.”

In addition to research performed by individual faculty members — often assisted by current law students — Harvard Law School’s different research programs examine such diverse issues as cyberlaw, European law, East Asian legal studies, human rights, Islamic legal studies, law and economics, negotiation, and many others areas of legal and academic inquiry.

“I am delighted to have this opportunity to work with my colleagues on the faculty as well as the very talented collection of scholars associated with the Law School’s many research centers,” said Jackson. “I am also looking forward to finding ways to help our students — both the J.D.’s and graduate students — become more involved the School’s research efforts. Harvard Law School has for many years produced more law professors than any other law school in the country, and the students that we train today will form the core of the next generation of legal scholars here and around the world.”

Jackson is a graduate of both Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. He also holds an undergraduate degree from Brown University. An expert in the field of regulation of financial institutions, Jackson has taught at Harvard Law School since 1989.