Post Date: September 5, 2006

This week 734 new students will enter Harvard Law School as degree candidates in the J.D., LL.M. and S.J.D. programs.

The 556 J.D. students come from 45 U.S. states, 20 foreign countries and are graduates of 152 different undergraduate colleges. The incoming J.D.s will learn in first-year sections of 80 students. Led by tenured faculty members, 1L sections are also the focal point of many non-academic activities in the first year.

The school’s Graduate Program — which primarily enrolls international students — includes 164 new master of laws (LL.M.) students, who hail from 60 different countries. There are also 14 new doctor of juridical science (S.J.D.) candidates, who come from 10 different countries.

The J.D. class includes 12 Fulbright scholars, four Marshall scholars, eight students with military experience and six former Peace Corps volunteers. Among the LL.M. students are five judges (from their home countries), eight full-time law teachers, a documentary filmmaker and a Zamboni driver.

“I have often said that Harvard Law School’s greatest strength is its students,” said Dean Elena Kagan. “This year’s new class demonstrates that once again. They are truly a remarkable group.”