Harvard Law School’s bicentennial is an opportunity to reflect upon our history and innumerable contributions of Harvard lawyers across the globe; it is also an opportunity for the HLS community to come together and do what the law school does best—ask hard questions about important matters, think critically, and explore solutions for urgent problems.

HLS in the World, held Oct. 26-27, featured an extraordinary gathering of leaders: Lawyers, legislators, governors, judges, public interest leaders, entrepreneurs, financiers, journalists, and others from the United States and abroad, who joined together to share ideas, debate and deliberate in dozens of panel discussions and open fora.

All rise!

At HLS, a conversation with six Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court

The opening event of Harvard Law School’s Bicentennial summit was one for the history books. Gathering at Sanders Theater were six Supreme Court justices (five current and one retired): Neil Gorsuch ’91, Elena Kagan ’86, David H. Souter ’66, Stephen G. Breyer ’64, Anthony M. Kennedy ’61, and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. ’79. In a roundtable discussion with Dean John F. Manning ’85, the justices shared memories and more than a few priceless anecdotes.

HLS in the World

Marbury v. Madison, Professor v. Protégé

Tribe and Sullivan team up for a reargument of the landmark 1803 case at Harvard Law

Laurence H. Tribe ’66 and Kathleen Sullivan ’81 have teamed up on many cases since she was a student in his constitutional law class; now, for the first time, they will face off as adversaries in a reargument of the landmark case Marbury v. Madison, part of the Harvard Law School bicentennial celebration on Oct. 27.