Post Date: November 11, 2004

President Bush has nominated Harvard Law graduate Alberto Gonzales to be the next U.S. attorney general, the nation’s top law enforcement officer. A member of the HLS class of ’82, Gonzales has served as the White House counsel for the past four years. If confirmed by the Senate, Gonzales will be the 10th Harvard Law graduate to serve as attorney general.

“As a former judge, I know well that some government positions require a special level of trust and integrity,” said Gonzales, who previously served as a justice on the Texas Supreme Court. “The American people expect and deserve a Department of Justice guided by the rule of law, and there should be no question regarding the Department’s commitment to justice for every American. On this principle, there can be no compromise.”

Other HLS graduates to serve as attorney general include Janet Reno ’63, Elliot Richardson ’47, William F. Smith ’42, and Francis Biddle ’11.

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