Post Date: April 8, 2005

“Through a series of panels, the goal has been to discuss what is currently being done, and what more can be done, to develop the long-term capacity of the Party and the progressive movement more broadly,” said David Burd, 2L and conference co-chair. “We are exploring the ways in which ideas are created in think tanks, academia and government; how we can better spread our message in the media; how we can build a stronger farm system for recruiting and running candidates, and other areas as well.”

The conference brought academics, activists, policymakers and elected officials together to address subjects such as the role of the internet in political campaigns and strategies for building better field programs. Governor Ed Rendell (D-Pa.) gave the keynote on Monday, and other speakers included Joe Lockhart, former press secretary, Clinton Administration; Mary Beth Cahill, former campaign manager, Kerry-Edwards 2004; Joe Trippi, former campaign manager, Dean for America; Professor Robert Putnam, author of “Bowling Alone;” and Congressman Artur Davis ’93 (D-Ala.).

For a full schedule, visit the conference website. For more information, contact co-chairs Mike Thakur or David Burd. To join the HLS Democrats list-serve, email