Harvard Law School’s Class of 2025 is not only one of its most academically accomplished groups of incoming J.D. students in history, but it is also one of its most diverse — in many meanings of the word.

This year, Harvard Law admitted just 10 percent of applicants, resulting in a class of 559 J.D. students from 49 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., and 18 international locations. And for the second year in a row, the school’s incoming J.D. cohort has historically high median GPA and LSAT scores, at 3.92 and 174, respectively.

“This year’s incoming class, selected from a phenomenal pool of applicants, represents an impressive mix of skills, backgrounds, and interests in the law,” says Kristi Jobson ’12, Harvard Law School’s assistant dean for admissions. “I am excited to see how this accomplished and talented group of students contributes to the practice of law and pursuit of justice.”

Incoming students will bring a variety of backgrounds and experiences to bear on their law school education. Fifty-four percent of the Class of 2025 identify as women, 53 percent as people of color, and 17 percent as LGBTQ+. The class contains 23 current and former members of the U.S. armed forces — including four Army Rangers, two Green Berets, and one Navy SEAL. Incoming students have collectively served 68 members of Congress, 51 hold advanced degrees, and 145 are Phi Beta Kappa inductees.

Students attended 174 distinct undergraduate institutions, and 13 percent majored in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics fields. Ten people were presidents of their undergraduate student bodies, and 24 were editors-in-chief at various publications. Incoming students speak or understand 58 different languages, including American Sign Language; Haitian Creole; Kikuyu; ancient, Attic, and Koine Greek; Shami; Galician; and Shanghainese.

The Class of 2025 includes nine Fulbright Scholars, six Truman Scholars, five Schwarzman Scholars, four QuestBridge Scholars, three Weil Legal Innovators, two Coca-Cola Scholars, two Marshall Scholars, and one Rhodes Scholar.

And outside of academic pursuits, the incoming class has a variety of interests and talents. Thirty students participated in collegiate mock trial competitions, ten enjoy scuba diving, and 32 were Division 1 varsity athletes. Collectively, the Class of 2025 plays 30 different instruments, including the guitar, banjo, gamelan, bagpipes, mbira, sitar, and ukulele.

Before attending law school, the Class of 2025 worked as embassy staffers, teachers, journalists, thespians, and in many other careers. The class also includes a professional cheese connoisseur, professional athletes, an Emmy-nominated producer, and two former Jeopardy! contestants.