Donna Levin ’83 writes that she “abandoned the tranquillity of life as a litigator to join the fast-paced world of crossword construction.” Below is her first puzzle for the Bulletin, but since 2005, approximately 250 of her puzzles have been published, primarily in the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Newsday and “the late lamented” NewYork Sun.

Harvard Law Contenders

1. En ___
5. Cry before the dogs of war are let slip
10. Actor Omar
14. Integral of a curve
15. Prince Valiant’s spouse
16. Come across
17. Level
18. ___ law (ecclesiastical jurisprudence)
19. ___ dixit
20. President-wannabe who attended HLS
23. “___ Mine” (Beatles song)
24. Defendant in an employment discrimination suit, perhaps
25. President-wannabe who attended HLS
31. Ida’s partner in the supermarket
32. Alternative to a Harvard Magazine personal ad, for some
33. Rustle (up)
37. Subject “studied” by an HLS student society whose crest includes a depiction of grain
39. Smart as ___
41. LSAT, e.g.
42. Type of clean energy
44. Like some batteries, informally
46. Cantab’s rival
47. President-wannabe who attended HLS
50. Rosters of the most desirable
53. It’s what often separates law from order
54. President-wannabe who attended HLS
60. Suit to ___
61. Erstwhile Yankees manager Joe
62. On a single occasion
64. Requiem Mass word
65. What losing arguments often fail to make
66. Corp. bigwigs
67. Shout from a barista
68. Fast German torpedo craft of WWII
69. Ululate

1. Cricket club
2. Battle song?
3. HLS requirement for financial aid
4. Comedian whose seven words led to a criminal prosecution
5. Rancher’s estate
6. “Sad to say … ”
7. Air
8. Nebraska native
9. Oil surface?
10. It might be grise
11. The “it” in the 1990s slogan “Gotta have it”
12. Mexican moola
13. It’s something that Bill Clinton received two of in one day
21. Mus. key with three sharps
22. These may confl ict at a law fi rm partnership meeting
25. Raison d’être of the HLS Office of Career Services
26. Cookie that debuted in 1912
27. Lab instruction?
28. Breaks, in a way
29. Moral standard
30. Former Secretary of Labor Robert who taught at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government
34. Deep-sixed
35. Chest rattle
36. Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah, for one
38. Felon’s résumé
40. Caged mimic
43. Pro ___
45. Lady of Lisbon
48. Pestilential pest
49. Former “judge” on “The People’s Court”
50. At full tilt
51. Petrol purchase unit
52. Mountaineer’s tool
55. Leopold’s co-defendant
56. Bond villain in a Nehru jacket
57. Major constellation?
58. Dope
59. Flat-bottomed boat
63. Common night school subj.