Post Date: March 11, 2005

“Our vision for the conference is to encourage students to think seriously about how to use the incredible power that comes with an HLS degree in a way that honors their personal commitment and their commitments to their communities,” said Curtis.

The conference will feature two types of panels. The first will bring attorneys and experts from outside the legal profession to address public interest themes such as criminal justice, political empowerment and civil rights. The second will bring successful attorneys from large firms, private practice and corporations to talk candidly with students about the career opportunities, challenges and conflicts they have faced with respect to their influence on the black community.

Speakers include:

With 125 members, Harvard Law School’s is the oldest and largest Black Law Students Association in the country. More than 30 major law firms sponsor the Annual Spring Conference. Friday and Saturday panels are free to all students. For registration information and conference details, please visit theBLSA conference website.