Harvard Law School has announced the addition of two new faculty members.

Idriss Paul-Armand Fofana, a legal historian whose research examines the relationship between international law and global inequality, has joined the Harvard Law School faculty as an assistant professor of law, effective July 1.  

Mariana Pargendler, whose scholarship focuses on corporate law, corporate governance, and contract law from economic and comparative perspectives, will join Harvard Law School as a professor of law, effective July 1, 2024.

Fofana and Pargendler join four other faculty members whose appointments were announced earlier this year.

Idriss Fofana

Previously the Reginald F. Lewis Fellow at Harvard Law School, Fofana focuses his scholarship on African and Asian engagement with transnational legal regimes through subjects as varied as the state’s regulation of private property, non-discrimination standards, the law of treaties, and international labor migration. 

His work spans the fields of African, Chinese and global history, covering the period from early encounters with European imperialism in the 1600s to the anti-colonial and Third World movements of the twentieth century. Fofana, who is completing a Ph.D. from Columbia University this year, focused his Ph.D. dissertation, “Civilizing Labor: A Global Legal History of Chinese and West African Labor Migration, 1600-1900,” on the regulation of labor and migration in southern China, Senegambia, and the Congo basin in the wake of movements for the international prohibition of the slave trade. 

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Mariana Pargendler

Pargendler, who served as the Sullivan & Cromwell Visiting Professor of Law at Harvard last fall, is currently a professor of law at FGV Law School in São Paulo, Brazil, where she also directs the Center for Law, Economics, and Governance. Since 2014, she has also taught as a global professor of law at New York University’s Buenos Aires program. 

Pargendler is the coauthor of “The Anatomy of Corporate Law: A Comparative and Functional Approach,” a leading academic treatise on comparative corporate law.  

She has published more than 25 articles in various journals and edited volumes, including the Yale Law Journal, the Stanford Law Review, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, and the American Journal of Comparative Law, among others, and her work has been translated into several languages. 

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