Time Magazine has named Harvard Law School Professor Elizabeth Warren one of the 100 Most Influential People in 2010. Warren is listed in the Thinkers category of the annual TIME 100 issue naming the people who most affect our world.

Warren was recognized for her bankruptcy law work and her chairmanship of the Congressional Oversight Panel charged with overseeing the Treasury Department’s Troubled Asset Relief Program.

The article states: “[Warren] is at her best when she deploys that razor-sharp eloquence in defense of the American consumer. Some of her ideas are controversial, but we always listen because her powerful intellect and plainspoken articulation prove to be an irresistible combination. Of all the victims of the damage done in the past two years by the financial meltdown and the ensuing economic downturn, consumers have suffered the most. But that may soon come to an end if Elizabeth has her way and Congress establishes a new and independent consumer watchdog for financial products.”

Warren, the Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law, recently made the case for the proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, “Wall Street’s race to the bottom.” She was also named one of “The Decade’s Most Influential Lawyers” by The National Law Journal in the category of Legal Education.