Articles by Professors Lucian Bebchuk, John Coates, Guhan Subramanian, Reinier Kraakman and Mark Roe will be named among the top ten corporate and security law articles of 2002 in the upcoming issue of the Corporate Practice Commentator, a quarterly journal that reprints articles about corporations law. The articles were selected based upon a survey of corporate and securities law teachers across the nation.

“While Harvard has had multiple authors on prior lists, this year’s performance surpasses any school’s performance in prior years,” said Robert Thompson, the journal’s editor.

Yet the professors selected noted that as long as HLS continues to produce high caliber scholarship, there is no need to be competitive about having more selections than other schools. Roe, for instance, cautions against placing too much emphasis on the selection. Rather, the focus should remain on the work of the corporate group at HLS.

This work includes regular informal lunch presentations every two weeks throughout the semester, combined with formal presentations in faculty workshops. The corporate group is also involved in interdisciplinary work at the Business School, and in what Roe described as “joint real world work.” As an example, he cited a letter submitted some weeks ago to the Securities and Exchange Commission on reforming the proxy progress for shareholder voting.

Bebchuck credits the group’s consistent, excelling performance as a decisive factor in attracting national recognition. “Harvard now has a corporate law group that stands out in terms of breadth and quality, and I expect it to continue to be well represented in the selections of best article in subsequent years,” said Bebchuck.

“We at Harvard have the strongest group of corporate law scholars in the country. I don’t need the results of the poll to know it, but it is very nice indeed to see it confirmed so persuasively,” agrees Kraakman.

— Dharma Betancourt ’06